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    Forum Activities

    China-Eurasia Expo

      Forum Acticities

    • Time:2018年06月23日
      • 01.The 6th China-Eurasia Expo Summit

        02.China-Eurasia Economic Development Cooperation Forum

        The Belt and Road
        Consultation,Contribution and Shared Benefits

        03.Ministerial Forum

        04.The B&R Forum of Development of Textile and Clothing Industry and Employment of Textile

        05.Forum of International Production Capacity and Investment Cooperation

        06.Forum of Internationa Logistics Cooperation

        07.Forum of Sci-Tech Cooperation

        08.Forum of Industry and Commerce in Silk Road

        09.Forum of Health Cooperation between neighboring coutries of Xinjiang in Silk Road

        10.The 2nd Forum of Legal Services Cooperation in Silk Road and International Commercial Legal Services

        11.Activities of Open Corps Theme Day

        12.Exhibition Week of Chinese and Foreign Culture

        13.Industry Forum

        14.Promotion Activities of Trade and Investment

        15.Purchasing Docking Activities

          Organizer: XinJiang International Expo Bureau (Secretariat of China-Eurasia Expo)

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          Mailing Address: No. 169, Shida West Road,Shayibak District,Urumqi,Xinjiang

          Official Website:The Official Website of China-Eurasia Expo The Official Website of Secretariat of China-Eurasia Expo

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