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The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
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My days during teaching assistance (II)

Updated:2016-11-28 12:00:00

--My new colleagues and children

Today, we will go with Teacher Cholpan to enter the world of the new colleagues and children in the column of My days during teaching assistance. According to the requirements of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Teacher Cholpan from the Xinjiang International Expo Administration arrived at the kindergarten of No. 15 Village of Haohan County, Kashgar on Nov. 10, 2016 to kick off her one-year bilingual teaching work. Due to a temporary absence of Internet at the kindergarten and the dormitory, Teach Cholpan eventually made it to meet us now. 

The kindergarten at Xiaohe Village (No. 15 Village) saw a new teacher from the capital city of the autonomous region who stirred a sensation in the daily life of local villagers. The new teacher from the capital city really brought great expectations to the children and their parents. The new teacher learns to make fire, set up a stove and deliver one meal and two desserts to the kids with other teachers. She teaches kids with body language and gestures, disguises herself as different animals and plays with kids in outdoor activities. She is Teacher Cholpan, one of the first-batch teachers from the Xinjiang International Expo Administration. 

The bilingual education and teaching

The colorful late autumn at Xiaohe Village is decorated with golden and fiery tree leafs on the tree branches and in the fields amid the blue sky.  Along with the fading light and the rising smoke from the cooking chimneys, my days during the teaching assistance entered its third day.

The beautiful autumn in Kashgar

My first debut at the kindergarten was filled with greetings from the kids. They greeted me with curiosity. Some brave kids came up to touch my cloth and drag my hand. I, together with teachers from the kindergarten, got familiar with each other among the greetings every day. The beautiful principal of the kindergarten is a mother of two sons who are under 6. She lives in the city of Kashgar and is always the first to arrive at the kindergarten and the last to leave. She visits different classrooms to know the teaching and sanitary situation of the classes. Whenever she saw any teacher who needed help, she responded immediately to distribute meals, do cleaning, help teaching and discipline. She is really a prompt rescuer. 

My new colleagues and I

The kindergarten at No. 15 Village has a total of 157 children. In addition to the principal, there are four teachers, teaching at two pre-units, one nursery and one baby class. The four young teachers treat the children as their own. The most impressive scene is that when the children are engaged in outdoor activities, the teachers will summon the children like their mums: “My babies, come to this line”. “My babies are the most obedient and disciplined.” Hearing these words, the children will have a sense of belonging and go under the shelter of the mother like baby chickens.

Outdoor teaching and playing

The children are as lovely as my own child. Kids at the baby’s class are unwilling to allow their mothers to leave on the first day. The cries were heart-broken. They will never forget to open their eyes secretly to take a look during the cry to observe the teacher and their mothers’ attitude. Children at the nursery class would wet their pants but managed to conceal. They will keep on until the class is over so that they will not lose face in front of other children. The children at the pre-unit are naughty. They would drag off the stool sat by a child in the front or push the one sitting beside when the teacher does not pay attention to them.

An autumn outing

Gradually when the sun sets in the west, fathers and mothers come to pick up their children at the kindergarten, the whole world turns to be tranquil. During this time, I and other teachers will start our own researches. When the fiery sunset glow is seen in the west, we complete the day’s work and return home amid our talking and laughs.  

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