The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
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My days during teaching assistance (III)——-One day in the kindergarten

Updated:2017-01-03 11:31:11

The inspiring music of the March of the Volunteers was heard. There is no flagpole in the Xiaohe Village Kindergarten. Four children from the higher grade of the kindergarten held the national flag, while the director of the kindergarten held a microphone to lead the chorus. All the teachers and children were singing to the music, with serious and solemn expression on their faces. A new day came, and a new week began. 

Then the children did morning exercises to the music of Little Apple together with their teachers. 

After washing hands, they sat in front of the table to wait for their teachers to distribute the breakfast, which including milk, eggs and crusty pancakes. Finishing their breakfast, the cute children put their bowls into a basin and threw the egg shells into the dustbin.

At 10:30am, the first class began. The children rearranged their desks into the shape of two concentric hollow squares. They sat down beside whom they are familiar with. The first 20 minutes went well. The children were concentrated and active to answer questions first. However, the last 10 minutes were torturing. They whispered with deskmates, trampled each other’s shoes, grabbed other’s hat and then complained with their teacher with a runny nose, which are, usually, not surprising.

After the class was over, the children queued to go to the toilet, which is located at one side of the courtyard of the school. When queuing, each child should cling to the coat of the child in front of him or her, and a teacher should hold the hand of the first child at the head of the queue, who is usually the youngest child. This is to prevent the children from being attracted by moving ants and some glittering gadgets suddenly found on the way to the toilet. Another teacher should follow the queue to make sure that no child falls out. 

At lunchtime, the children gobbled the food and finished the lunch very fast. Then, every child put his or her bowl and spoon on the table of the teacher. They looked so cute and docile. They reminded me of my son, whom I usually have to coax to have meals. Looking at these children, I was thinking that maybe I should bring my son here so that he would see how easy it is to take care of these little children.

After a short rest, it was time to have an afternoon nap. After a scene with noise and flying clothes and hats, these children fell into sleep, immediately turning from naughty children to quiet and sweet fairies. 
Their learning task in the afternoon was to review what they had learnt in the morning, including the course and the new words and sentences. Since anyone who could give the right answer to a question would be rewarded with a small red flower, the children were very active to give their answers. If they were right, they would lift their hats, waiting for a small red flower to be pasted on their forehead. 

Then, it came to the best time of the day, when the children ate fruits and snacks while watching TV, waiting for their parents to come and bring them home. Then, the day in the kindergarten was over.  

Solemn ceremony to raise the national flag, though without a flagpole

Morning exercises to the music of Little Apple

Preparing breakfast

Wash hands to have breakfast

Queuing to go to toilet

Actively answer questions to get “small red flower” at bilingual class

Little sleeping angel

“Naughty king” gets up

Sit in rows to eat fruit

“I will sleep with the small red flower on my forehead.”

Delicious lunch

“I will set the desk and chair by myself. Everybody says that I am a good child.”


Wait for watching TV with snack in hand. “This is my happiest hour.”

A photo of the little angels and me

Listen carefully in class.

Pictures used as teaching tools at bilingual class to make the teaching vivid and interesting

Clean the dormitory


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