The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Notes for Professional Visitors

Updated:2017-08-12 17:05:16

I. Registration channels

Purchasers can obtain the purchaser certificate, the invitation form for visa application and other information about the Expo from the Foreign Customer Service Station. 

Contact information of the Foreign Customer Service Station: 18690291003

II. Certificate  

1.Download the Foreign Customer Certificate Registration Form or get the Registration Form from the Foreign Customer Service Station;

2.Fill in the registration form carefully;

3.Send the completed registration form, together with the bareheaded photo for certificate, and the passport scanning copy to the Foreign Customer Service Station;

4.The Foreign Customer Service Station will process the application and issue the purchaser certificate. 

III. Visa 

1.Check “Yes” at the column “Whether the visa invitation is needed” on the Foreign Customer Certificate Registration Form;

2.Send the Registration Form to the Foreign Customer Service Station, and keep your phone and e-mail available;

3.The Service Station will send the original visa invitation or a copy of the Letter of Invitation upon requirements of the purchaser. 

4.The purchaser can apply for the visa with the local embassy or consulate of China with the Letter of Invitation. 

IV. Overseas professional visitor registration 

Overseas professional visitor can get the professional visitor ticket by presenting his/her ID and business card at the on-site professional visitor registration office or the ticket office of following designated hotels: 

VIP Building, Bianjiang Hotel

Address: No. 662, Yanan Road, Urumchi, Xinjiang 

Tel: 0991-2556645  15199443696

Xiyu International Hotel

Address: No. 876, Dawan North Road, Urumchi, Xinjiang

Tel: 0991-2562916  1527651762

V.  Visiting time and venue 

1.Time: Aug. 24-28, 2017, Aug.24 is for the professional visitors; Aug. 25-28 for the general public. 

2.Venue: Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center, Urumqi (No.3, Hongguangshan Road, Urumqi). Exhibition area: 62,000 square meters.

Tel: 0991-3637795   0991-3638505

VI. Notice

1.Please wear the ticket during the visit;

2.The validity of the professional visitor ticket: Aug. 24 (13:30, Beijing Time) - Aug. 28, 2017.

3.Professional visitors who registered before August 24, 2017 and passed verification can get the professional visitor ticket free of charge. Those who handle the professional visitor ticket after August 24 will pay RMB100/ticket. 

4.Professional visitors must present the professional visitor ticket and his/her ID to enter the exhibition and accept the certificate check and security check. 

5.Get your ticket: From August 10, one can get the ticket according to the call or e-mail of the Secretariat. 

6.Venue for ticket: East side of the Xinjiang International Convention & Exhibition Center, adjacent to the intersection of Hongguangshan Road and Huizhan East Road (China-Eurasia Expo Certificate Center).

7.It is not allowed to transfer or alter the professional visitor ticket, otherwise the ticket will be confiscated and the holder will be blacklisted. In such cases, the ticket will not be refunded or reissued. 

8.The professional visitors are not allowed to conduct any activities that may disrupt the order of the exhibition, or any exhibiting activities of the enterprises within the exhibition booth. 

9.In case of any violation, the staff member of the Expo has the right to confiscate the certificate. 

Secretariat of China-Eurasia Expo

August 6, 2017  


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