The 6th China-Eurasia Expo
The 6th China-Eurasia Expo

Beijing Promotion Event for 6th China-Eurasia Expo

Updated:2017-12-11 12:35:06

On November 23, 2017, the Secretariat of China-Eurasia Expo held a Promotion Event for the 6th China-Eurasia Expo at China World Hotel Beijing, with the theme  “Jointly Build the Future of the Silk Road”. Shen Beili, Assistant Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, Huang Sanping, member of the Party Leading Group of the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and deputy director of China-Eurasia Expo Organizing Committee, Li Yong, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce, Li Hua, counselor of the Department of External Security Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yu Jianming, deputy director of the Economics and Science Department of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Paliwai Musha, deputy secretary-general of the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Adejiang Dawuti, secretary-general of the China-Eurasia Expo Executive Committee and other leaders attended the meeting. H.E. Zinal Rustemova, the Turkmenistan ambassador to China, H.E. Sergey Manassarian, the Armenian ambassador to China, Tom Child, Minister Counselor of the British Embassy in China and other members of the diplomatic corps were present at the event. The print, TV and online media covered the event extensively.  

The thematic trailer of “Jointly Build the Future of the Silk Road” introduced the China-Eurasia Expo to attendees from home and abroad from the aspects of “mutual discussion”, “joint development” and “sharing”. Huang Sanping, Li Yong and Adejiang Dawuti made speeches on behalf of the People’s Government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Ministry of Commerce, and Secretariat of the China-Eurasia Expo, respectively. 


Huang pointed out that Xinjiang was an important channel of the ancient Silk Road and the spirit of the Silk Road has nurtured the land. China-Eurasia Expo is one of the important platforms to grasp the abundant opportunities arising from the development of the Silk Road. Xinjiang has successfully held five sessions of China-Eurasia Expo and two sessions of (China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo. The events witnessed the inking of contracts for more than RMB1 trillion for domestic projects, US$30 billion for foreign trade projects, and 78.5% of contract fulfillment. China-Eurasia Expo has become an important platform for the exchange of personnel, economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between China and other Eurasian countries, a powerhouse for the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, a gateway promoting cooperation between Xinjiang and neighboring countries, and an important window showcasing Xinjiang’s image. It has been continuously injecting new vitality and new drivers for the economic and social development of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang has been an important hub for maintaining close contacts between China and Eurasian countries since ancient times, a bridgehead for opening up to the west and an important node of the core area of the Silk Road, said Li Yong. China-Eurasia Expo is an important measure taken the Chinese government in implementing the opening up strategy, and one of the important economic and trade events that both China and Eurasian countries and enterprises attach importance to. The first five sessions have built a multi-level, wide-ranging cooperation platform and achieved positive effects. It has played an active role in enhancing exchanges and cooperation between China and Eurasian countries and promoting coordinated development of the regional economy. The 6th China-Eurasia Expo will facilitate exchanges and cooperation between China and Eurasian countries, build mutual beneficial advantages and explore new opportunities for common development. 

Adejiang Dawuti said the 6th China-Eurasia Expo will give full play to its role of functional positioning, national mechanism fair, important platform and policy guidance, and promote strategic matching of the China-Central Asia-West Asia economic corridor, the China-Pakistan economic corridor, the China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, the New Eurasian Land Bridge economic corridor, and facilitate effective interconnection and mutual cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union of Russia, and Kazakhstan's "Bright Path”. It will release a series of preferential policies and showcase a new pattern of comprehensive opening up of Xinjiang.  

The Secretariat of China-Eurasia Expo invited Tang Shan, vice secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Urumqi Ganquanbao Economic and Technological Development Zone and director of the administrative committee of the development zone, and Wu Gang, chairman of Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology Co. Ltd. to make speeches as exhibitor representatives. They fully affirmed the role of China-Eurasia Expo in promoting economic development, and held that the expo is a grand occasion for enhancing regional cooperation, providing entrepreneurs a rare space for international cooperation, and playing an active and important role in promoting foreign enterprises to come to China and Chinese enterprises going global.


H.E. Zinal Rustemova, the Turkmenistan ambassador to China, and Tom Child, Minister Counselor of British Embassy in China, affirmed that China-Eurasia Expo is an important channel for cooperation between China and neighboring countries. Ms. Zinal said China-Eurasia Expo and the forums held under the framework have made great contribution to the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and served as an important platform for exchanging views and experiences in a variety of fields such as trade, investment, culture and humanitarian cooperation and an important channel for Urumqi and Xinjiang to maintain contact with Eurasian countries.  

The Promotion Event of the 6th China-Eurasia Expo attracted more than 300 attendees from ministries and commissions of China, foreign embassies in China, chambers of commerce and associations, enterprises and the media. As of December 2, 53 media organizations covered this event, including Xinhua News Agency, the overseas edition of the People’s Daily Online, the English edition of,, China News Service, China Report and Ta Kung Pao. had live streaming and a 1 hour and 39 minute video coverage in the news cycle on November 24. There was warm response from the media. In the article “Promotion Event Reform, the 6th China-Eurasia Expo Beijing Promotion tries ‘Media Integration’”, praised the event for omitting traditional promotion activities and organizing it as an evening party and a cultural activity. This was bold innovation in interaction between the cultural industry and commerce, integrated elements of TV plays and literary programs, and made it a relaxed and pleasant business exchange, it said. The promotion not only comprehensively covered the growth, development and future of Xinjiang and China-Eurasia Expo through introduction of leaders and trailers, but also showcased beautiful Xinjiang with literary forms. The promotion event was aired through multi-channel and multi-platform such as mobile phones, PCs and TV, directly embodying media integration. From the perspective of international communication, the successful holding of the promotion event also made great contribution to the building of China’s brands and Xinjiang’s image. With national characteristics and cultural interpretation, the event enabled more people to learn more about beautiful Xinjiang, carried the expectations of the whole world on Xinjiang, and made the platform more attractive for cultural exchanges between Xinjiang and the world.  


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