The 6th China-Eurasia Expo
The 6th China-Eurasia Expo
Custom-built Stands
    Administrative Regulations on Exhibition Arrangement Construction of 2015 Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo

    Release time: 16:19:28 June 5, 2015


        Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as EACT EXPO) will be held at Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred to as the Convention & Exhibition Center) pavilion from August 12 to 16, 2015. In order to guarantee the fire safety of EACT EXPO and improve the exhibition arrangement quality and level, the Regulations are hereby formulated:

    I. Construction Qualification Requirements

    The exhibitors who ascertain to implement the custom-built stand construction must select the builders that are certified by the custom-built stand construction qualification of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as EACT EXPO). The drawings submitted by these builders that failed to pass the qualification certification are unacceptable to the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO. The qualification certification of the builder for custom-built stand construction shall be in conformity with the principle of “survival of the fittest” and such reviewing method as “making one final determination every two terms and one selection per term”. The qualification for custom-built stand construction of EACT EXPO shall be certified every two terms, with the qualification reassessed. Refer to Application and Review Methods for Qualification Certification of Builder of Custom-built Stand of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (it can be found in Exhibition Pavilion & Area  Guideline for Custom-built Stand page at the website of EACT EXPO for details. Meanwhile, the exhibition projects rating shall be conducted during each term in combination with the site construction assessment of the pavilion made during the previous term.

    The builders for custom-built stand construction that are contracted to build two-storey booth must conform to the followings in addition to the qualification of custom-built stand construction of EACT EXPO:

    (I) The construction drawings (including structures, nodes, etc.) must be issued and stamped by the architecture design institutes or houses (offices) having structural design qualifications, with design dead load and live load values indicated on drawings. The summation of the design dead load and live load shall not exceed the calibrated bearing value of the exhibition hall.

    (II) Materials and electricity utilization: the bearing structures of the two-storey booth must be constructed of steels with grounding for anti-creeping protection provided. The decorative materials must be non-inflammable or nonflammable materials. The flame retardant materials shall be accompanied with the national inspection report and supply certificate (provided by the product flow direction system). The electrical part construction must be in strict accordance with electricity utilization requirements.

    (III) Be capable of and promise to be liable for any accidents resulted therefrom.

    (IV) Have more than five years of experience in large exhibition construction. Engage in custom-built stand construction of Eurasia Expo for over two years and violate no construction rules of EACT EXPO in the past two years.

    To guarantee the level and quality of custom-built stand of EACT EXPO, the construction area and quantities undertaken by the organizations with level A and B qualifications for custom-built stand construction shall be limited. In detail, the total area and quantity of custom-built stand projects undertaken by the builder having level A qualification shall not exceed 600m2 and 7 respectively. In case of more than 600m2 in a single project, the total area shall be counted as 600m2 while other custom-built stand activities apart from the project shall not be undertaken. The total area and quantity of custom-built stand projects undertaken by the organization having level B qualification shall not exceed 400m2 and 5 respectively. In case of more than 400m2 in a single project, the total area shall be counted as 400m2 while other custom-built stand activities apart from the project shall be not undertaken. The submitted drawings of custom-built stand construction in excess of such limit are unacceptable to the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO. Any consequences and losses caused therefrom shall be borne by the organization possessing custom-built stand construction qualification.

    II. Exhibit Arrangement Management

    Both specially-decorated exhibit area (hereinafter referred to as custom-built area) and standard exhibit booth area (hereinafter referred to as standard booth area) are set up at EACT EXPO. It means that the custom-built stand and standard booth will be constructed in different areas.

    (I) All booths classified in the custom-built area must be custom-built booths;

    (II) A reserved open space can be applied for standard booth where more than four positions of a single exhibitor are connected for wooden decoration or complex decoration using other materials;

    (III) Any booth classified in standard booth area shall not be allowed for custom-built construction and shall be constructed by the main builder determined by EACT EXPO Organizing Committee through bidding in a uniform way.

    III. Fulfillment of Construction Procedures

    EACT EXPO Organizing Committee will take the lead to establish the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO from July 15 to August 1 to take the responsibilities of accepting the drawings submitted by qualified custom-built construction organizations of EACT EXPO (RMB 150 for reviewing is charged per booth for overdue submission), dealing with approval and construction procedures, reviewing and issuing move-in & move-out certificates and vehicle certificates. Anyone else other than the qualified custom-built construction organizations of EACT EXPO are not allowed to enter the pavilion for construction.

    (I) The exhibitors must fill in Declaration Form of Custom-built Stand Construction Drawing of EACT EXPO (see Annex 1.1 for details) and provide the following information:

    1. Stereo color picture and top view of design scheme (see Annex 1.2 for details).

    2. Plan and front elevation of design scheme (see Annex 1.3 for details), side elevation (see Annex 1.4 for details) and facade perspective (see Annex 1.5 for details).

    3. Material labels and construction technology description (including dimensions and materials details; the node detail drawing should be attached for booth with beam structure, see Annex 1.6 for details), as well as the material inspection report and supply certificate.

    4. Electricity utilization information, including:

    (1) Power distribution system drawing [indicate the nature of electricity utilization, total power, rated current and voltage class of main switch and protection switches at all levels (220V/380V), wire type and wiring method] (see Annex 1.7 for details);

    (2) Power distribution plan (indicate the general distribution box position of booth; type, power and installation locations of all electrical appliances in booth; see Annex 1.8 for details);

    (3) Declaration Form of Electricity Utilization for Custom-built Stand of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (Annex 1.9);

    (4) Statement of Responsibilities for Electricity Utilization Safety of Custom-built Stand of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (Annex 1.10);

    (5) Letter of Commitment for Structural Safety Responsibility of Custom-built Stand of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (Annex 1.11);

    (II) The exhibitors or the builders of custom-built stand that are entrusted by the exhibitors must fill in and submit Certificate of Approval for Fire Safety of Booth Construction of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (see Annex 2 for details);

    (III) The exhibitors, designers and builders involving in the custom-built stand must sign Letter of Commitment for Fire Safety of Exhibit Arrangement Project of Exhibition Pavilion of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo (see Annex 3 for details) and Contract of On-site Management for Custom-built Stand Construction of EACT EXPO (available on the website of EACT EXPO) with the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO respectively.

    The abovementioned Declaration Form of Custom-built Stand Construction Drawing of EACT EXPO, Statement of Responsibilities for Electricity Utilization Safety of Custom-built Stand of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo and Certificate of Approval for Fire Safety of Stand Construction of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo can be downloaded from the website of EACT EXPO ( before getting stamped, filled in and submitted.

    (IV) All information above shall be filled in and stamped by parties concerned, and then be delivered by the builders for exhibit arrangement after gathering them in full to the office of the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO (Certificate Center of China-Eurasia Expo, 4 Hongshan Road, Shuimogou District, Urumqi) by means of express or network after generating them into electronic documents by scanning or photograph from July 15 to August 1. The e-mail address for online delivery is:   qq: 36432734

    qq: 1584544293

    (V) Subsequent to a satisfactory primary review by the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO, the Team will release Form of Receipt for Comments and Feedback of Primary Review on Custom-built Stand to related builders for exhibit arrangement who will undergo the construction permits and get move-in & move-out certificates and vehicle certificates in the office of the Team on presentation of the Form.

    (VI) A construction management fee of RMB 150 per booth (note: it’s RMB 100 for the custom-built stand using sectional materials), a deposit for garbage collection for custom-built stand of RMB 500 per booth and drawing reviewing fee of RMB 1500 per term per qualified builder for custom-built stand [if there are more than 8 (inclusive, i.e. 72m2, custom-built stand using sectional materials are not accumulated) custom-built stands undertaken, this charging criteria applies; less than 8 stands will be waived in the fee] will be charged by the Drawing Verification Team of EACT EXPO before releasing construction permit.

    (VII) After completion acceptance, the Convention & Exhibition Center will assign electricians to reexamine the booth setup, guide the wiremen of the booth setup builder to lead the wire to the appointed distribution box, arrange the power distribution & transmission for custom-built stand and deliver it officially to the exhibitors for use.

    IV. Construction Personnel Management Requirements

    (I) Anyone entering the setup area shall wear proper certificate and safety helmet and take along relevant qualification certificates in case of verification. For those not conforming to the rules, the competent department of EACT EXPO shall have right to punish them according to On-site Management Measures of Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo.

    (II) The construction personnel working at heights (more than 2 m) shall wear safety belt or use other anti-falling equipment, and use qualified and safe lifting tools and operating platform. In case of construction using step ladder, the ladder must be held by someone.

    (III) Each builder must fill in Certificates of Move-in & Move-out for Setup Materials of Exhibit (Annex 4) before entering the pavilion, which will serve as the only certification for move-out of the builder.

    (IV) The builder is required to arrange electrician, carpenter and personnel with other types of work to be on duty and promptly deal with any problems found during the period of EACT EXPO.

    (V) The construction personnel of each booth must set up and dismantle the booth with valid construction permit and move-in & move-out certificate within the time required by EACT EXPO. In case of advance move-in or extended move-out, an application must be submitted to the Convention & Exhibition Center for undergoing relevant procedures.

    (VI) Smoking is strictly prohibited both in pavilion and at outdoor exhibition site.

    V. Indoor Construction Management Requirements

    (I) The materials used for setting up the stand shall be selected according to the standard of relevant national departments for using temporary building materials. Environment-friendly construction materials shall be chosen rationally considering the characteristics of the exhibition. The materials out of limits that bring volatile pungent smell are strictly prohibited for exhibit arrangement.

    (II) The decoration design and construction shall not exceed the vertical projection of the booth.

    (III) Before moving in, the nature of work and site conditions such as fire equipment and fire path location, etc. shall be well known.

    (IV) The stand must be firm and safe, with the combustion performance of setup materials reaching fire-retardant or non-inflammable level.

    (V) Ceiling work for custom-built booth is not allowed in the pavilion without special approval from the competent fire department and the Convention & Exhibition Center.

    (VI) The stand shall be constructed in strict accordance with the height permitted in the pavilion. The maximum height of two-storey and single-storey booths in No. 1-6 halls is 7m and 5m respectively. The height limit in No. 7 hall is 4.5m. The height limit in the area on the north and south sides of the main channel in No. 8 hall is 4.5m and 5m respectively. Two-storey booth is not allowed in No. 7 and 8 halls. Wooden structure for custom-built stand is not allowed in No. 8 hall where the exhibit equipment made of standard aluminum profile for fast splicing installation can only be used. A channel with width not less than 0.6m must be left between the booth or setup structure and hall wall.

    (VII) The truss structure is strictly prohibited for indoor custom-built stand.

    (VIII) The pavilion wall, top, pillar, enclosure and various special pipelines cannot be nailed or bound. All equipment and facilities in the pavilion shall not be damaged or changed regarding their properties and locations. Coating, coloring, pasting and sticking with propaganda materials are not allowed. Should the exhibitor need to paste items on the panel, double-side cloth tape can only be used (available for sale at One-stop Service Desk at the north side of exhibition hall of No. 2 and 5 pavilions). Meanwhile, the exhibitor should remove the sticker upon move-out.

    (IX) Inflammable and explosive hazardous substances cannot be brought into the construction site. Rough machining is forbidden in the hall. The custom-built structure, modeling, light box, models and other assemblies, etc. shall be fabricated outside the pavilion and be assembled on site. No painting or spraying is allowed in the pavilion (including outdoor exhibition site).

    (X) It’s strictly prohibited to construct stand and pile up goods in fire fighting access, fire barrier and under the fire shutter door. Plugging of emergency exit and distribution facilities, modification and covering of fire facilities in pavilion are not allowed.

    (XI) The construction materials shall not lean against the stand, and shall be put within the scope of the stand without blocking or occupying the evacuation exit or fire barrier; otherwise, they shall be deemed as wastes for disposal with corresponding measures adopted. Before leaving the pavilion, the construction personnel should clear the site and put the wastes to appointed place.

    (XII) Open fire or electric welding is prohibited for setup works during exhibit arrangement. If it’s inevitable, an application should be made to the fire department concerned with a Certificate of Fire Operation on Construction Site (Annex 5) obtained. The fire operator must be qualified professionals, and receive fire training by the resident fire department of the pavilion, with monitoring measures and personnel implemented and arranged before going on duty and conducting fire works with certificate of fire operation and operation certificate. The certificate of fire operation shall be issued per day. In case of change in fire operation site or contents, a new Certificate of Fire Operation on Construction Site should be re-obtained.

    (XIII) A special person must be assigned to take responsibility for dismantling the stand during move-out period. The stand shall be dismantled from top to bottom instead of pushing over, pulling down and other brutal construction practices.

    (XIV) After the builder completely moves out, it shall be accepted by the Site Management Group of EACT EXPO and on-site management personnel of the Convention & Exhibition Center on that day.

    (XV) In case of violating the said regulations, the Site Management Group of EACT EXPO shall have the right to require the builder for immediate correction or construction suspension. In case of gross violation, the builder shall be disqualified for custom-built stand of EACT EXPO. Any safety accidents occurred shall be borne by the builder with the corresponding legal liabilities borne as well.

    VI. Requirements Related to Materials and Components for Exhibit Arrangement

    (I) The decorative materials on the top of the exhibition area shall be preferably grade A and be not inferior to grade B1 materials while those for wall and ground shall be not inferior to grade B1.

    (II) The decorative materials of outer cladding materials, ceiling, wall, ground and partitions for setting up the temporary exhibit pavilion at outdoor exhibit site shall be not inferior to grade B1.

    (III) The internal ventilating duct and thermal insulation at the exhibit area shall be Grade A materials.

    (IV) The fire resistance limit of the components bearing large exhibits and articles and the components of scenery and projection equipment, etc. when arranging the exhibits shall be not less than 1.00h.

    (V) Except the exhibits, the fixed fitment and stand materials when arranging the exhibit shall be not inferior to grade B1 while the decorative materials of suspension type shall be not inferior to Grade B2.

    (VI) The exhibit arrangement materials which are set in the hall and are adjacent to the halogen tungsten lamp and other high temperature lighting fixtures shall be not inferior to Grade B1.

    VII. Requirements for Power Consumption Management for Stand Construction

    (I) The electrical installation must strictly follow the National Standard of the People’s Republic of China - Code for Design of Low Voltage Electrical Installations (GB50054-95) and specific requirements for electrical part of custom-built stand.

    (II) The selected electrical materials and facilities must conform to China Compulsory Certification (CCC) standard and fire safety requirements. The priority should be given to the use of LED and other low energy consumption and low voltage apparatus.

    (III) The electrical equipment used for EACT EXPO can only be connected with double-jacketed insulating flame retardant copper wire which conforms to relevant standards. Connectors must be used in wire connection. The line passing through the evacuation exit should be overhead (over 3.5m above the ground). If it has to across the pedestrian ground, carpet and structure when it’s truly difficult for overhead erection, the line should go through the tube with bridge provided for protection; the metal protective tube and members must be electrically bridged with safe grounding; the socket must be equipped with grounding wire (PE wire).

    (IV) Neon lamps and high temperature iodine-tungsten lamps are strictly prohibited at EACT EXPO. Electrical elements generating heat (e.g. ballast and transformer, etc.) shall be provided with asbestos pad or other flame retardant and thermal insulating facilities when they are installed with wooden structures. Down lamps and quartz lamps should be provided with thermal insulation protections. Advertising lamp boxes and lamp poles must be reserved with convective heat emission holes inside. The rectifiers and triggers of lamps must be products acceptable to the state-level testing organization.

    (V) Switches, sockets and lighting fittings closing to the combustibles shall be provided with thermal insulation & dissipation and other fireproof protections. The lead of halogen tungsten lamps and ceiling lamps, track lights and sunken lights using incandescent bulbs with rated power not less than 100 watts shall be provided with thermal insulation using porcelain tubes, mineral wool and other incombustible materials. Any incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp or fluorescent high pressure mercury lamp (including inductive ballast), etc. with power more than 60W shall not be directly installed on the components or decorative materials that are inferior to Grade B1.

    (VI) Power transformers of electric models, illuminations and acousto-optic controlling devices in the hall shall be set in a well-ventilated place and be protected with non-inflammable cover. They shall not be installed on combustible materials. The ballasts of lamps in the hall shall be electronic or energy-saving inductive ones, which shall not be directly installed on the combustible decorations, materials for setting up booth or combustible components.

    (VII) Take care of electrical equipment in the pavilion. The unauthorized use of distribution box, water & gas source and other fixed facilities in the pavilion is prohibited. It’s prohibited to directly mount lamps on the pillar in the pavilion as lamp boxes. Any equipment or facilities in the pavilion shall not be dismantled, moved or damaged.

    (VIII) Any electric equipment shall be provided with necessary monitoring measures during operation. Overload operation is not allowed. The application procedures must be followed for booth electricity utilization accurately. No random power connection is allowed to electric box or socket in the hall.

    (IX) Electric devices, lines, switches and other distribution facilities in the booth shall be inspected by the electrician of the pavilion. Coordinate on rectification of any hidden dangers found. Do not refuse examination or rectification by finding any excuse.

    (X) The custom-built stand construction shall be such that the lighting boxes, power supply boxes and telephone wiring boxes in the pavilion are not shielded or covered.

    (XI) It’s forbidden to store and use pressurized pressure vessels in the pavilion. For special air supply, the exhibitor should bring its own air compressor and air storage tank (pressure vessel), etc. and place them at the location outside the pavilion that is appointed by the fire department, and guarantee safe operation of the equipment.

    (XII) In case of unsafe potential or infringement found, the fire department shall be authorized to stop supplying power at any time without further notice to guarantee the safety.

    (XIII) The power supply for computers and precise instruments, etc. shall be additionally protected with UPS. The organizer of EACT EXPO shall not be liable for indemnity for any data loss or damage of computers or precise instruments, etc. caused by power outage.

    VIII. The Regulations shall come into force on the date of release, and shall be interpreted by Xinjiang International Expo Administration. In case of any discrepancy between the previous regulations on EACT EXPO and the Regulations, the latter shall prevail.


    Xinjiang International Expo Administration


    May 20, 2015


    Rental of Exhibition Equipment

    All rental matters are handled at the Convention & Exhibition Center for this year. No rental activities are conducted before the exhibition. During the exhibition, you can go to the One-stop Service Center beside the north gate of No. 2 and 5 pavilions for consulting.

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