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The Heaven Pool in the World in the North of Mount Bogda - Tianchi

Updated:2015-07-01 13:53:44

1 Mount Bogda
Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains Tianchi Scenic Spot is located in Fukang City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.  It is a natural scenic spot centering on mountains and lakes. The Mount Bogda of the Tianshan Mountains is 5,445 meters above sea level. It is covered by snow all the year round and continuous glaciers.
2 Tianchi
The surface of Tianchi is 1,910 meters above sea level, 3.5 kilometers long from south to north, 0.8 to 1.5 kilometers wide from east to west, and 103 meters at the deepest. The Tianchi Lake is in a shape of half-moon, 3,400 meters long, 1,500 meters at its widest, 4.9 square kilometers in area and about 105 meters at the deepest.
3 Wushipantian (Fifty Circles Road)
The winding mountain road to the top of Tianchi has about fifty circles. So it is called Wushipantian (Fifty Circles Road).

4 West Small Tianchi Waterfall
It is said that "the Queen Mother's bath water" flew down and formed the "West Small Tianchi". Opposite the "West Small Tianchi Waterfall", there was a "Guanpu Pavilion" (Waterfall Viewing Pavilion) with a pinnacle in a shape of hexagon, which was built in the Guangxu Emperor's reign. It was destroyed, but a poem of Wang Shunan can prove its existence. Now there is a "Wentao Pavilion" built in the same place, which is octangle and two-storey, has red pillars and yellow vitreous tiles, and is very big and tall.

5 East Small Tianchi
The East Small Tianchi is half kilometers away from the left of the last circle of "Wushipan" (Fifty Circles), several hundred meters in area, and 1,860 meters above sea level. It has quiet environment and perfectly clear water. It was "a swimming pool of fairy maidens in the heaven" originally. Black Dragon forcibly occupied it, so it is also known as "Black Dragon Pool". The water of the pool is green, deep, quiet and unpredictable. There are dense pine and cypress trees growing around the pool. The spring is clear and gruesome, which makes people shudder with terror, just like we go into an extremely dangerous place.

6 Xuanquan Waterfalls
There are bluffs and cliffs in the north of the East Small Tianchi, which are nearly 100 meters high, so it is known as "One Hundred Meters Cliff". Every spring and early summer, the ice melts and the water rises and flows down from the north bank to form waterfalls of nearly one hundred meters, just like a silver stream drops down and jades splash down with the thundering sound of water; when there is light refraction, the colored ribbons can be seen, majestic and grand.

7 Tianjing Fukong (Ethereal Mirror)
It is said that the Big Tianchi Lake was "the dressing mirror of the Queen Mother". "Tianjing" (the Ethereal Mirror) is 1,910 meters in a shape of half moon, exactly like a cucurbit, whose head is in the south and the body is in the north, and the Sangong River in the south section is the handle of the cucurbit. The Tianchi Lake is 3.4 kilometers long from south to north, and 1.5 kilometers at the widest point. And the average width is 1 kilometer. The lake is 9.7 kilometers in circumference. The biggest lake is 102 meters deep (in the northeast). The average depth of the lake is 40 meters. The area of the biggest lake is 4.9 square kilometers. The general area is 3.5 square kilometers. The maximum water holding capacity is 200 million tons and the general capacity is 160 million tons. The water is cold and clear. There is cold-type farmed alepidote fish in the water.

8 Dawan Daoying (Grand Bay Reflection)
In the southwest of the Big Tianchi Lake, where "the grand bay" is located, there is no wind and the water lays unruffled. Mountains and forests are reflected in the lake. It is a good place to watch the reflection. To watch the reflection in the grand bay, it is necessary to master the time. The wind in Tianchi blows uphill in the daytime and downhill at night. In general, the wind direction changes at nine or ten o'clock every morning.

9 Huixian Yaotai
Yaotai here refers to the "big pot hole" of "the Mountain of the West Queen Mother" (In AD 649, there was a Yaochi Commander-in-chief Mansion set in the Western Regions in the Tang Dynasty.). At the foot of Mount Chandeng, there is a great depression, which is 2,180 meters above sea level, 538 meters lower than the peak of the Mount Chandeng, just like a big pot hole. The pot inclines towards Tianchi, so it is known as "the Big Pot Hole". The Big Pot Hole is undulating grassland with dense green grass and spruce trees. There is no mountain wind, so the temperature is high. In addition, there are several springs pouring out from the bottom of the hole. The spring comes here early. There are abundant water and grass and flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.

10 Dingtian Sanshi (Three Stones)
Three huge stalagmites stand on the Mount Chandeng. They look like a halberd, pointing to the sky, as if the sky depends on the support of these three stones.

11 Maya (Horse Teeth) Stone Forest
Mount Maya is connected with the southern part of the Mount Chandeng. The mountain is about 5 kilometers long. Its peak is 3,056 meters above sea level, the first peak in the west Mountains of Tianchi. Standing on the mountaintop and looking around, the Mount Chandeng in the north, the Mount Bogda in the south, farmhouses in the west and Tianchi in the east are visible before the eyes. On the top of the Mount Maya, sharp stones stand in great numbers, looking like rows of huge horse teeth from a distance. Kazakh people call the Mount Maya "Mayi'a'san", meaning "butter" mountain. Because this mountain is relatively flat and grass is as fertile as butter, and livestock is easy to get fat after eating it. [4]


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