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The Magnificent and Beautiful Grassland in the Air - Nalati Prairie

Updated:2015-07-01 13:54:02

1 Bayinbuluke
Nalati is located in Nalati Town, Xinyuan County, Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, the upper reaches of the Kunes River. Going westward through Bayinbuluke, we reach Nalati, the east gate of Ili.

2 Nalati 1
Among several big grasslands in Ili, which is known as Jiangnan beyond the Great Wall, Nalati is the most beautiful. Every spring, flowers are blooming on mountains and the grass is green. Nalati is a part of the Kunes grassland, an important summer pasture of the Kunes grassland.

3 Nalati 2
Nalati Prairie is a middle mountain pasture developed on the ancient diluvium in the third century. It is connected with the Nalati Ridge in the southeast, like a barrier. Along the upper reaches of the Kunes River in the northwest, valleys break off. A large area of terrain inclines. There are a large number of mountain springs and vertical and horizontal streams.

4 Nalati 3
Words like beautiful scenery are hard to summarize the charm of the Nalati Prairie. Features of the river valley grassland are rivers, valleys, mountains and grasslands. Grasslands are vast. Forests are dense. Mountains are steep. The river runs high and the water is clear. There are the landscape of high mountains and grasslands and also the enjoyment of plains and fields. In addition, local Kazakh ethnic flavor is quite strong, so it becomes a very famous tourist scenic spot.  
5 Race Course
 The Race Course is a place for Kazakh herdsmen to perform horse racing, chasing girls, taking lambs and other traditional festival activities for tourists. When the night falls, several piles of bonfire are lit on the grassland. First, passionate Kazakh girls dance to welcome tourists. With the loud music of tamboura, tourists involuntarily join the carnival.
6 Wulasitai Landscape
There are European-style wooden houses and Kazakh yurts in Wulasitai. In a river shoal in the east of Wulasitai, there are fantastic rock peaks jutting out of the water, which is just a place for visitors to fish and becomes a fishing terrace. There are a lot of tourists visiting this river. Fish in this river is brown yellow and long in size. This kind of fish is fresh, tender and delicious. It can be eaten after a short while of being steamed. The fish lives in the highlands at an altitude of 3,000 meters, so local people call it "high mountain fish".  
7 Qiapu River Summer Pasture
The Qiapu River Summer Pasture is the earliest ranch in Nalati. There are green mountains, a dense forest of pine trees, green water and countless and dense flowers around the pasture. After June every year, the golden season of grazing comes with abundant water and grass everywhere.

8 Yurt
As you can see, white yurts on the grassland are the residence of Kazakh people. This kind of yurt is convenient to set up and easy to disassemble, so it is especially appropriate for the way of life of nomadic people, who live where there is water and grass.
9 Nalati 4
To feel the grace of Nalati again.


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