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Main venue of the China–Eurasia Expo Unveiled

Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, located at Shuimogou District of Urumqi, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a large public architecture used for meetings, exhibitions, business negotiations, large gatherings, and other multi-function events. The curvaceous contour of the building forms a natural gradation with the Hongguang Hill in the distance, architecture blending harmoniously with nature, perfectly complementing each other.



Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center is the main venue for the China–Eurasia Expo. In 2010, at the closing ceremony of the 19th Urumqi Fair, the central government decided to upgrade the fair into the China-Eurasia Expo. The First China–Eurasia Expo was held here in 2011. Between September 2 to 7th, 2012, Xinjiang hosted the 2nd China-Eurasia Expo at the cente



Taking from the artistic notion of the “shinning moon lifting from the Tianshan Mountain,” the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center is designed like a marvelous moon escalating to the sky. Steel structures form outspread “wings” on adjacent sides of the Center signifying Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region’s progressive development. Serving as the main venue for the China–Eurasia Expo, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center’s indoor space equates to 45,000 square meters with 3,000 international standard booths. The underground area is approximately 17,400 square meters. A total area of about 199,400 square meters makes up the outdoor venues. Equipped with the international conference center and a star hotel, the exhibition area is around 50,000 square meters. The center has six main exhibition halls with a capacity of 4,000 people at a time.




The open space in front of the center totals at 25,000 square meters elongating for 486 meters with 130.5 meters in width. The space includes 89,400 square meters of green garden. Using large-span truss strings, the center has the third largest span in China of 108 meters. The conference center models after an ellipsoid moon. Among similar constructions domestically, this center is a frontrunner in terms of its design difficulty and construction expertise.




In the center of the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center lies an oval shaped structure mimicking the rising moon with sides streamlining designs similar to the beautiful Tianshan. At night, one may observe scenery that simulates “the moon out of the Tianshan Mountains.” On the Exhibition Road, rows of lotus lamp replicated the “Silk Road” connecting with the “golden dragon” on Henan East Road. With the contrast from the surrounding light, the rising moon gracefully emanated mysterious enchantment. A walk at night time on the bright and colorful road gave the illusion of being in a fairytale world: The blue boat, clear moon, and soaring birds, and the splendor of the meteor shower made by lights brought everyone infinite imagination and beauty.