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New highlights at the 3rd Expo

Released at 13:11:25, June 22, 2013

Source: Urumqi Radio, May 29, 2013

The 3rd China-Eurasia Expo will be held in September. In a recent exclusive interview with Urumqi Radio, Li Jingyuan, secretary general of the Expo Secretariat and director of the Xinjiang International Expo Administration, revealed as to what will be done to promote pragmatic cooperation and to enhance expo professionalism, market-based and brand-based development.

Li Jingyuan said, to hold a world-class Expo, the first thing to do is to expand market-based operation. For this purpose, the geographic and regional advantages will be given full play. This Expo aims to further improve the win-win relationship between China and the Asian and European countries. Li said, "There will be no development without innovation. Without reform, there will be a dead end. The Expo has a connected effect at a proportion of one to 10. It means that you invest one RMB yuan and get a return of 10 RMB yuan. Holding an Expo is a market conduct. We must find ways that match the characteristics of Xinjiang, affirm top-class Expo operation and financial companies, and invite professional companies to design the process. This year, there will be more than 30 projects and programs under market-based operation."

Based on the experience accumulated at the previous sessions of Expo, the 3rd Expo will focus more on professional and innovative design of exhibition areas. Li said, "The Exhibition Area of Professional Products will be changed into the Exhibition Area of Merchandise Trade to highlight specialized characteristics and to better meet the demands in the domestic and international markets. Meanwhile, we will have higher requirements for admission of enterprises at different levels to meet the international norms. The Exhibition Area of China and the Exhibition Area of Xinjiang will be changed into the Exhibition Area of Investment and Trade Cooperation to exhibit specific achievements in these fields."

It's learned that, the number of foreign visitors and exhibitors will increase by about 10% this year. Currently, there are already 40 foreign countries and 30 Chinese provinces and municipalities expressing the intention to attend the 3rd Expo. In addition, better services will be provided at this Expo.

Li said, "This year, we will try our best to provide services for the convenience of exhibitors and visitors. We are designing the on-line ticket booking processes and will set up ticket offices in the neighbor cities."