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Countdown to the 3rd Expo

Released at 14:46:41, June 22, 2013

Source: www.scio.gov.cn May 28, 2013


Li Jingyuan, secretary general of Expo Secretariat and director of Xinjiang International Expo Administration

At the press conference in Beijing marking the 100 days countdown of the China-Eurasia Expo on May 28, 2013, Li Jingyuan answered questions from the media. The following is the excerption of the answer.

Thank you for your questions. I'm so glad to have this chance to introduce the 3rd China-Eurasia Expo to you. After the 2nd Expo ended, we soon started preparation for the 3rd Expo in accordance with the Organizing Committee’s requirements for "early planning, early arrangement and early practice". In the planning process, we strictly abide by the "eight-point code" of the central government to hold the Expo in a sensible and frugal way. Centering on the theme of "Opening-up, Mutual trust, Co-development", we are trying to make this Expo feature more insightful content, more innovative design, and achieve higher-level organization for a better international, professional, market-oriented and brand-based development. Currently, everything is going well under the leadership of the Organizing Committee.

Talking about the innovation at the 3rd Expo, I conclude it as followings:

First, we are working hard to establish a platform for summit diplomacy and promote a mutual development among Asian and European countries through opening-up and cooperation. We had great success during the first and second Expo. The abundant political and economic achievements prove the function of the Expo as a platform for summit diplomacy, and the role of the Expo in promoting multi-field and wide-range cooperation among the Asian and European countries. More than ten foreign political leaders attended the first two Expo and provided suggestions for and reached consensuses on cooperation and development. These suggestions and consensuses are being put into practice under different frameworks and mechanisms. This year, we will continue to invite Chinese and foreign political leaders to attend the 3rd Expo and give their views on "Opening-up, Mutual trust, Co-development" at the main forum and the China-Eurasia Economic Development and Cooperation Forum. In addition, a series of multilateral conferences will be held for political leaders to exchange points of views and provide suggestions on how to expand and deepen the cooperation for mutual development under the European debt crisis and the slow recovery of world economy. The opening ceremony and main forum of the 3rd Expo will be held in a combined and economical way to accentuate the theme of the Expo. We will invite both Chinese and foreign political leaders to visit the exhibitions, the focus being the Overseas Products exhibition and the Investment and Trade Cooperation exhibition. The political leaders will have a first hand experience witnessing the achievements made in the regional economic cooperation among the Asian and European countries and its potential for future development.

Second, the forums during the 3rd Expo will focus more on substantial results, focusing more on the resulting design and practical cooperation. The“1+8” forums and two major activities will be held. The overall plan of the State Council requires that the Expo should lay emphasis on multi-field and wide-range cooperation and exchange. So, we make great efforts in design and organization of the forums for the purpose of promoting the cooperation and exchange in various fields through high-end and high-level planning. Then, we are trying to make every activity generate substantial results, which can benefit all the Asian and European people. In addition, we aim to make the forums a regular mechanism to seize every opportunity to promote cooperation among the Asian and European countries in different fields. Finally, the forums are multi-dimensional, targeting not only government officials, but also people from the business circles and ordinary people. In this way, the cooperation among the Asian and European countries will have well rounded development. Now, preparations are being made for these forums.

Third, we will work hard to hold a world-class professional and market- and brand-based Expo. First, while inviting exhibitors, we are expanding our invitation to more neighboring countries along with more European countries. It's predicted that the number of foreign visitors and exhibitors may increase by 10% this year. The second is to invite higher-end domestic enterprises to give higher-grade exhibitions. We will invite the Fortune 500 and China's Top 500 enterprises and large private companies to attend the Expo. Meanwhile, high-tech and high-value-added products as well as products with proprietary brands and intellectual property rights will account for a large proportion at this Expo. This is for a high-end and professional development of the Expo. The third is to hold more targeted exhibitions that meet the requirements of the Asian and European markets, especially the market in the surrounding countries. For this, we classify the exhibits into six categories instead of nine categories as they were last year. The fourth is to adjust and optimize the design of the exhibition areas. The Exhibition Area of Professional Products will be changed into the Exhibition Area of Merchandise Trade, while the Exhibition Area of China and the Exhibition Area of Xinjiang will be changed into the Exhibition Area of Investment and Trade Cooperation. The new design shows clear structures so that it will be much more convenient for purchasers to trade with exhibitors. We stress in particular that the exhibitions at the Exhibition Area of Investment and Trade Cooperation should focus on pragmatic cooperation and investment as well as well-known products and enterprises. The fifth is to adopt market-based operation of the Expo. A top-class company will be selected through bidding to operate the Expo and provide related services. So far, 30 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have applied to attend the Expo. Except for the reserved booths, all the booths have been booked. It's predicted that exhibitors and purchasers from 40 countries and regions will attend the Expo. Now, the booth is really hard-to-get.

Fourth, better services will be provided at the Expo to lead a promotion of Expo service throughout the county. More thorough and standardized services will be provided for organization and planning, exhibition management, logistics and reception. We aim to provide professional services through professional service suppliers to meet professional standards. We will put about 40 conferences and exhibition projects into market-based operation. For these projects, the government will take the charge of planning and coordination, resource distribution, supervision and guidance. We have signed related agreements with a number of such service suppliers. In addition to guaranteeing safety, we will try our best to adopt designs and measures for the convenience of the exhibitors and visitors. We will uphold the concept to respect the exhibitors and visitors and serve them and the masses. We have taken new measures to serve the exhibitors and the visitors, including setting up five more (totally 20) service stations at major ports to provide one-stop VIP services for foreign business professional. In addition, we will have on-line ticket service in addition to service at about 20 ticket stations based on the postal system. We will also set up ticket offices in the cities neighboring Urumqi. We will provide more convenient traffic services by properly optimizing the traffic routes, providing sufficient vehicles and guaranteeing the transportation capacity of airports and railways. On the other hand, we will improve the food and beverage service.

In recent years, Urumqi has made huge investment in urban infrastructure construction, which provides great convenience for the Expo. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that our volunteers made an impression on the people attending the first two Expos with their enthusiasm. This year, we will recruit more volunteers. Meanwhile, we will create a good and joyful environment for all the attendees to have a wonderful time at the 3rd Expo. For this purpose, we will accelerate the program to beautify the city of Urumqi.