The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA
Instructions for Exhibitors

Convenient Service Measures Provided by CIQ Xinjiang for Overseas Exhibitors and Participators of 2015 Eurasia Commodity And Trade Expo

Updated:2015-07-08 12:46:39

I. The port inspection and quarantine institution carries out quick acceptance and release for entry passengers and exhibits according to relevant certificates issued by the EACT EXPO Organizing Committee, the list of exhibits and other relevant documents required by the inspection and quarantine institution.

II. For entry exhibits with original seals intact which are destined for Xinjiang port through customs transition and are subject to quarantine and inspection, the entry port inspection and quarantine institution only conducts visual inspection and quarantine for the container bodies. Other inspection and quarantine work shall be done by CIQ Xinjiang on the exhibition site. The containers from epizootic or epiphytotic countries and regions must undergo disinfection and quarantine treatment for epidemic prevention at the port of entry. The containers from regions with high-risk infectious diseases must undergo health quarantine and sanitary disposal at the port of entry.

III. For exhibits subject to inspection and acceptance which require re-unloading after entry and before shipping to Xinjiang, the whole exhibit only undergoes outer package inspection. Those subject to quarantine treatment shall be disposed according to relevant regulations.

IV. Bulk exhibits are subject to inspection and quarantine at the port of entry. Only qualified exhibits are released with inspection and quarantine certificate issued by rules. The unqualified exhibits are handled according to relevant regulations.

V. For the entry exhibits carried by passengers, those in conformity with quarantine requirements are rapidly accepted and released while those not conforming to entry quarantine requirements are handled according to relevant regulations with explanation given to the passengers.

VI. Animals and plants and their products and foods, etc. that are disqualified by the inspection and quarantine are prohibited for entry.

VII. Entry animals and plants and their products, special articles and foods, etc. to be required for quarantine approval shall undergo the quarantine approval procedures by rules. If the quarantine approval procedures cannot be fulfilled in advance in special cases, the relevant certificate provided by the Organizing Committee, the list of exhibits and Letter of Commitment for Re-completing Quarantine Approval Procedures, etc. shall be provided, and the quarantine approval procedures shall be re-handled at CIQ Xinjiang, which shall be filed at CIQ. The exhibits unsatisfactory to entry quarantine requirements will be returned or destroyed.

VIII. For the exhibits not granted with China Compulsory Certification (CCC) but conforming to requirements for exemption from CCC, CIQ Xinjiang accepts the paper application of the exhibitor and reviews and releases the certificate for exemption from CCC. Should such certificate not be completed beforehand in special cases, the port inspection and quarantine institution, after receiving the notice from CIQ Xinjiang, will release the goods firstly while the certificate will be re-completed at CIQ Xinjiang and sent to the port inspection and quarantine institution for filing.


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