The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Volunteers at the 5th China-Eurasia Expo (II)

Updated:2016-09-12 11:13:22


We are the volunteers of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. Nice to see you again! We believe that you must have known something about us from the previous report, and today we will introduce you the Planning and Development Department of the Xinjiang International Expo Administration, the Comprehensive Department of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo Executive Committee, and the Department of Forum and Special Events. These departments, which serve the 5th China-Eurasia Expo, take charge of the planning and execution of some international meetings and special events, including the overall project, summits for heads of states during the expo, and ministerial forums. With only one month to go, the staff members are all kicking into high gear. And, of course, our lovely interns got involved. Here are their stories.

Attention: you will meet a group of energetic and handsome interns. So please get ready.

Zhang Xin, Xinjiang University


I came to the Xinjiang International Expo Administration as an intern in July, and I work as a liaison person for the executive committee leaders. I’m now assigned to the Planning and Development Department to learn something and do specific work at the same time. In recent months, I learned a lot, including how to send and receive faxes, how to choose appropriate words for a report, and how to solve urgent problems. Although sometimes I feel bored by the repetitive work, when I was praised for my work, my fatigue changed into great joy. And during this internship at the bureau, I met a group of friends from whom I learned ways to interact with others in a professional setting. When I worked and studied at the Planning and Development Department, the leader was very amiable. He would answer my questions with patience, and shared with me some of his life experience even after a busy workday, from which I benefitted greatly. The next few days will be the busiest period with the heaviest tasks for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. I will increase my efforts and try harder to do my job well, contributing to the expo. At last, I wish the 5th China-Eurasia Expo a great success, and I hope that our magnificent Xinjiang will be better and better.


Liu Min, Urumqi Vocational University

Since I came to work here, time has flown fast and we have come to the final stage in preparing for the China-Eurasia Expo. At this stage, work is advancing as a whole, and I feel some stress, which has become a driving force for me. During the couple of months at the Planning and Development Department, I made progress each day, and everything is part of an interesting experience for me. Every task — ranging from guest invitations at the early stage to the guest confirmations — is like a new step for me. These steps, including the overall grasp of the conference, place arrangement, faxing and printing, gathering of the files, help me to learn more about the China-Eurasia Expo. Meanwhile, I’ve been enriching and improving myself during the process. Just as the old saying goes, profound understanding is based on real experience. Only when you devote yourself to the work, will you find your shortcomings, so as to correct them. These are what I’ve learned as part of the Xinjiang International Expo Administration. Furthermore, I am grateful for the guidance and help I have gotten from my colleagues at the administration. Department leaders are experienced in their work and their workload is large, but they also set aside time to listen to the interns, which warms our hearts. Also, when I’m busy working with other colleagues and we are helping each other, I start to understand what it is like for a real group to work together for a common goal. Finally, I feel honored to be part of the expo.

Cheng Yaqiao, Xinjiang University


My internship at the Xinjiang International Expo Administration has been busy but enjoyable. On the one hand, I have a lot of work to do, including preparation for the forum, expo security, and drafting letters. Currently, my major task is to contact various ministries to confirm the participant lists. It is not that easy when I get in touch with ministries, and various kinds of situations have happened, which seems like a test. In the beginning, I would nervously fumble and I didn’t know how to respond when someone asked me about the job. Later, I have learned to express myself better after actively participating in office tasks, and have learned more about the ins and outs of the Planning and Development Department. At the same time, I have realized that specialization and cooperation in a team is the foundation for progress. We have the same goal, so we should work as a team. However, the job is not without its perks, I’ve made a lot of friends here. We have dinner together after work and chat with each other in the spare time. Sometimes, the department head would talk to us despite the heavy workload, or play a joke on fellow staff members, which showed us another side of him. Days at the administration will be pleasant in my memory. Bitterness at work has turned into sweet fruit. All my efforts have paid off, and my inner pressure has become my driving force, so that I will conclude all my efforts with pride. I’m looking forward to the grand opening of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo.


Li Jietao, Xinjiang University


My name is Li Jietao, and I’m a student from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xinjiang University, majoring in processing equipment and controlled engineering. I passed the interview and became an intern at the Xinjiang International Expo Administration. My job is to coordinate domestic and foreign affairs for the administration, and to gather information from domestic guests. It has been a month since I came to work here. During the period, I’ve seen and learned a lot through study and work, have been in contact with new people, and finished new tasks I never even dreamed I would do. For example, on August 3, the 17th Lanting Forum, themed “China-Eurasia Expo, sharing growth in the Silk Road through discussion and collaboration: Opportunity and Future,” was held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. (The event is the first forum for the big exhibition. It was co-hosted by the MFA’s Public Diplomacy Office, the 5th China-Eurasia Expo’s secretariat, and China Public Diplomacy Association. The Lanting Forum is a communication platform for both domestic and foreign affairs ranging from the government, enterprises, academic fields, and media, building a new channel for people from all walks of life to discuss problems such as China’s foreign policy and what concerns the public the most.) We contacted other departments through various ways, including fax, telephone, and the Internet. In the process, we met many difficulties. However, with the help of alumni and the guidance of the leaders, we finished the tasks successfully. Perhaps what we can do here is limited, but we can really learn a lot. In the following days, I will keep on working hard, and be serious, careful and responsible in my work.


Chen Xingdong, Xinjiang University

After this period as an intern, I have something to say:

First, we should be hard-working and be responsible.

Most of the time, because we are student volunteers, leaders will assign us some easy work to make us feel accustomed to the working environment.

Second, we should be open-minded to learning, and always ask questions.

We are sure to meet lots of problems at work because there are many things we don’t know. But we should ask colleagues humbly and accept what other people teach us modestly. Meanwhile, we should not be afraid of making mistakes. Humans make mistakes, so making mistakes is not a big deal. What’s important is that we can correct and learn from them. 

Third, we should have clear goals in mind, and hold appropriate attitudes to achieve those goals.

We should have a clear goal for whatever we do. When we work at the Xinjiang International Expo Administration, we have to know whether we can do the job well. The key is our attitudes towards it. With the correct attitude, we can gradually master things which we had never learned before. We should always observe others, listen to them and think more about what we should do, and then to do it ourselves. Only in this way can we do things well.


Volunteer declaration:

Zhang Xin: We should be persistent and work hard to achieve our goals.

Liu Min: I expect, struggle, and work to contribute to the 5th China-Eurasia Expo.

Gao Yue: We should move forward one step at a time to explore a beautiful landscape.

Cheng Yaqiao: We should regard the 5th China-Eurasia Expo as our cause and show the beauty of Xinjiang through hard work.   

Li Jietao: We should be careful and responsible for our work.

Chen Xingdong: I promise to work hard and responsibly. I will never regret volunteering.

Wei Lingling: I’m happy to meet and work for the China-Eurasia Expo this summer.

Fan Beiping: As beginners, we always fail and encounter difficulties, but we never regret this opportunity to learn. When we choose to take the first step forward, we have made the decision despite difficulties, just like good sailors always work through all tides.

Qu Zhikang: If you can’t reach your dream, please remember to stand on your tiptoes. I will work hard and devote myself to the China-Eurasia Expo.

Li Yanqiang: The Xinjiang International Expo Administration is not only the place where I interned, but also where I devoted my efforts and developed a burning passion for this endeavor. I will put forth my largest effort for the success of the expo.

Zheng Jiuzhou: Diligence, the code for life, can write a splendid epic.

Hou Qian: We should be devoted to our work and serve society.

Zhao Yue: We should enjoy the internship and work hard.

Parzat Erken: Opportunities will only open to hard-working people; mediocrities can never touch them.

Wang Xinmei: I will use my sincerity, passion, and smile to welcome visitors and serve the China-Eurasia Expo.

Amernsam Ymit: Volunteerism will always be in my heart, and in those who have love for others.

Amina Wuman: One step at a time can help people reach the highest peak.


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