The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Volunteers at the 5th China- urasia Expo (III)

Updated:2016-09-12 11:32:58


Do you miss us, the volunteers for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo? Are you wondering which department will be introduced today, or which group of interns will share their working experience with you? We hope you are, so let’s get to the today’s story. At Xinjiang International Expo Administration, a certain department is responsible for attracting investment and exhibitor recruitment from beyond China. They connect with other departments responsible for the overseas exhibitors, as well as agencies, enterprises, chambers of commerce, foreign embassies and consulates in China, and China’s overseas embassies and consulates. They help with invitations to important foreign guests, and are in charge of foreign affairs, etiquette and translation. What’s more, they collect and analyze information from exhibitions held overseas. So, you can imagine that volunteers for this group must have high-level spoken English, not just good enough for a CET-4 or CET-6 level. Now, let’s meet some of them and enjoy the charms of their language skills.



Kan Wenjing, Xinjiang University

I am mainly responsible for contacts with a US Top 100 enterprise. At the very beginning, my job was to help with the construction of their booths, gathering related information. Then I helped to deliver and collect application forms, manage credentials and deal with invitation letters. At present, my job is to confirm their information, so I answer and make lots of phone calls every day. I am in the English Group, where everyone is in charge of a specific firm, including firms in Korea, Japan, Georgia and elsewhere. Through days of working and learning here, my greatest insight has been that communication with others is really a kind of art. Our ability of language is closely related to how much of our information can reach the receivers and to what degree they can understand it. It’s possible that things are delayed and firms pay little attention only because of the lack of clarity and explicitness in our language. As a result, it’s necessary to master the art of communication.

Of course, when there is uncertainty in our information, we will explain to the firm in different ways so as to gain their understanding. Though busy, I am very happy to have the opportunity of this internship in Xinjiang International Expo Administration and I also want to express my best wishes to the coming Fifth China-Eurasia Expo. I am looking forward to enjoying it.


Liu Yu, Xinjiang University 

On my first day of arrival, I was appointed by the leader of our department to take charge of internship affairs, and to be a direct and active connection between teachers and students. We have formulated a well-planned work schedule, so by doing this job, my organizational and communication abilities have both improved. Now, I am responsible for the exhibition affairs of different countries. Through communication with foreign exhibitors, I have practiced my oral English as well as gained a further understanding of the character of the Fifth China- Eurasia Expo. During my internship here, I have learned not only the use of the office software, but also the requirements for writing many official documents. This internship makes me realize that the China-Eurasia Expo is truly a grand international event. 


Yang Yewei, Xinjiang University 

I am a student of English major, having entering college in 2013. I am also an intern at the Fifth China-Eurasia Expo. I think I have improved in two ways here. First, since I am majoring in English, I communicate with people from different countries. Second, the expo is an international event, and is surely widening my horizons. My responsibility is mainly about external communication, more specifically, it’s to record the information of exhibitors and guests. I was in charge of the no. 3 Exhibition Hall. At first I helped teachers draw a sketch map of the hall and sent confirmations of booth allocation. Recently, I mainly collected booth information and send it to classmates who are in charge of certification handling. The working environment here is quite good and the atmosphere is also a learning exercise for me, making it easier for me to adapt to any social environment. As for the China-Eurasia Expo, what’s impressed me most so far is all the work done in backrooms at such an international event. I realize that a grand feast is actually the result of the joint efforts of a lot of people. Both the division of labor in a department and the coordination of different departments are critical factors in the success or otherwise of the Expo. I am proud of my job. I envision a smooth opening of the Expo, and I hope foreign friends and the world at large will witness China’s rise.


Wu Haiyan, Xinjiang University 

I’m an intern majoring in Russian, and I’m mainly responsible for Russia and Central Asian nations, contacting them to provide specific conference details and to confirm the number of guests. At the same time, we need to collect information from them, such as the passport numbers of their participants and trade group members. We input these data, and then give them to the review unit to confirm they meet the criteria for entry. We then make a card for each participant. Over the past month, the person who’s responsible for our team has given us some translation tasks, such as introductions to the invitation cards, trade contracts, introductions to the participant units and countries. We do the preparation and get right to work in advance, so as to get things done more effectively. I have gained a lot from this work, such as getting to know how to use the Russian keyboard and how to use suitable language when replying to messages. I never experienced these kinds of exercises on campus. In interacting one-on-one with people, I have developed communication abilities for formal occasions.


He Yafei, Xinjiang University 

Our team is mainly responsible for the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and France. During the first week, we were introduced to the China-Eurasia Expo, such as how to review relevant official websites, magazines and newspapers. Also, we read the English introduction to the Xinjiang Silk Road. And then, from the second week, we began to do some English translations of specific documents, such as leaders’ speeches. Doing the translations, we learned about the China-Eurasia Expo, including its development direction in the future. Also, we absorbed relevant information about the participating countries and chambers of commerce from their official websites. Now, our major task is to establish contact with and collect specific information from the delegations. During this internship, I have come to know many friends, and we communicate with and learn from each other after work. I feel that I have benefited a lot through this internship.


Volunteer declaration:


Kan Wenjing:К чёрту обстоятельства, я создаю возможности. 

Liu Yu :Try my best to contribute to China-Eurasia Expo.

Yang Yewei :I will seize this opportunity to improve myself and cooperate well with others.

Wu Haiyan:В этом году эта красивая осень,мы служаем ЭКСПО Китай-Евразия и непрерывно вырастаем в нем.

He Yafei :Dedication and mutual help, harvest and gratitude.


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