The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Volunteers for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo (Ⅴ)

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The news of volunteers come with in time. Our volunteers make great efforts to prepare the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. If you like it, please give us thumbs up. Today we will introduce the service center of the Expo Affairs Bureau. The main tasks include: (1) logistics service safeguard working; (2) coordination and arrangement of activities; (3) brand operation at the China-Eurasia Expo, covering brand marketing and project development; (4)project development, application and maintenance of the digitization of information on China-Eurasia Expo and other expos, exhibitions, high-level forums and international conferences; (5) the Expo website maintenance and exclusive brand resources management for the China-Eurasia Expo; (6) providing consulting services and operation for the public during the Expo.

Let’s introduce some of our interns.


Li Xue (Intern)—Xinjiang University of Fiance & Economics

I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been at the Expo Affairs Bureau for two months. What I mainly do is updating Expo Affairs Bureau official Weibo and gathering various information before the expert meeting. As a student of computer science, I simply think that all my job is about computer science, but that is not the case. I work at the information center where is all works concerning offline and online. Online job requires me have a solid professional skills while offline one tests my ability of communication and coordination, as well as the ability to respond emergency situations. During that period, what I should further improve is professional knowledge and serious attitude for work, which I can learn form my colleagues. In the next days, I will continue working hard till the last minute of the Expo.

Wu Yaqian (Intern)—Urumqi Vocational University

As a student of MICE major, I have been gaining something everyday at the Expo Affairs Bureau. This is a great opportunity for me to put what I’ve learned in the textbooks into practice, which makes me know what my shortcomings are and which ability I should improve.

Before coming here, I know little about base job, but now I’m able to skillfully use printers, copy machines and fax machines, all of which is impossible for me to learn at school. Although sometimes I would make a mistake in the work, every time the department head teaches me kindly what should I do or don’t and how to do the work efficiently. They help me get used to the work soon.

Of cause, there also has other something interesting. For example, in May, I’m honored to participate in events for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, and my performance is highly raised by our leaders, which is an unforgettable experience for me. Recalling that period, I, working with colleagues for one goal, feel substantial every day. In addition, I also took part in national knowledge competition held in August. During the internship, I feel proud for participating in those activities.

I’ve learned a lot during that period, and finally, I wish the 5th China-Eurasia Expo a great success. 


Hai La Ti·A Bu La Hai Ti (Intern)—Xinjiang University

During the period of preparation for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo, I, as an intern, am assigned to the Expo Affairs Bureau. Although the work takes sweat, I have gained happiness and joy. All interns try to do their best to show that “Xinjing is the beat place” in their own ways. In my opinion, as an intern, the basic job also requires me be responsible and serious, which further improves my ability and develops obligation sense.

 At the Expo Affairs Bureau, we advocate work environment of solidarity and friendship. Although doing the same job everyday, we have a firm goal— serving for the society and the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. The internship is short but full, which makes me remember to improve and enrich myself.


Zheng Huifang(Intern)—Urumqi Vocational University

I’m a sophomore of MICE major. It’s honored for me to become an intern at the Expo Affairs Bureau, and I will do my best to provide voluntary service for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. 

Now, preparations for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo have been well underway and final touches are being made. All makes me fell stressful and nervous, although I’m just an intern. Initially, I knew little about what should I do or not. It’s lucky for me to have Mr.Zhao who has taught me a lot. And then, I’m responsible for the daily office work of the department, such as booking a meeting room, organizing and gathering documents, issuing office supplies, printing and faxing files and so on. Personally speaking, I’m introverted, but gradually I become more and more bright and open by communicating with our warmhearted colleagues. Besides, there are a lot of colleagues who are also my teachers guiding and standing by me. I’d greatly appreciate that those friends help me improve myself constantly. I believe that will be an unforgettable experiences. Finally, I wish the 5th China-Eurasia Expo a great success. 


Ma Xin (Intern)—Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics

I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been an intern, which improves my professional skills and changes my perception.

When informed that I’m assigned to vehicle team, I wonder whether I’m supposed to drive a racing car, just be a driver or manage car parking? No matter what jobs I will take, I’ll try my best to provide service for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo which will be held at my hometown. It is certain that I should have a clear understanding of internship. As an intern, I don’t have enough professional experience and am not qualified for those complicated work. What I do is office work, such as printing and faxing files, preparing documents, and so on. All those work requires me be careful and serious.

It is the first time that I’m on a business trip with Ai Zi Mai Ti to go the construction commission and the construction bureau of Tianshan District to ask the process of insulation for outer-wall. That business trip makes me find my own value and also imbues me with confidence.

In the next days, I will continue working hard and draw a satisfactory full stop for my voluntary service.


Fu Yihang (Intern)—from Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics

As a native-born person in Urumqi, I’m more eager than anyone to participate in the China-Eurasia which will be held at my hometown. There are 14 exhibition areas increasing from 6 in 2011 and its coverage reaches 140 thousand square meters. Dramatic changes have taken place in my hometown in the last 5 years. That is also the reason I would like to make contributions to the Expo.

As the 5th China-Eurasia Expo will be held in Urumqi, I’ve been a volunteer for a while. July 4th is the first day I working as a volunteer from Xinjiang University of Finance & Economics. After one week, I’m transferred to Xinjiang China-Eurasia Expo Co., Ltd. and I’ve learned a lot. The bureau,as a department directly under the government, plays a leading role, while the Exhibition Service Center works as a bridge connecting the government with market. And the company—Xinjiang China-Eurasia Expo Co., Ltd., as an market entity, plays a decisive role in resource allocation. The company, together with bureau and the service center, takes on an extraordinary mission, especially in marketing operations.

 At the service department, my main job is to invite companies on the phone or sending a fax, and gather information about the purpose or purchase intention of business, groups or other government units. Initially, I feel frustrated,but with the help of colleagues, I gradually adapt the work and the number of participants is increasing because of my hard-working. Since then, my heart is always filled with great sense of achievement. During the next months, my job is to visit clients. Compared with initial work, visiting clients is more challenging because we need to communicate with strangers. Sometimes, it’s inevitable to be rejected or questioned. For that matter, other volunteers and I summarize lesson and exchange experience and finally find a more efficient way. All that experience is cannot learned in the school. Hence, there is no doubt that I’m benefited a lot from the internship. The spirit of dedication is deeply rooted in our hearts.

Our volunteers represent all young friend in Xinjiang. 100 years ago, Li Qichao said “if our youth is wisdom, our country will be strong; if out youth is aggressive, our country will be develop” in his book Young Chinese, China’s responsibility. As an international event, the China-Eurasia Expo is an important window to show China’s image around the world. And our youth from all corners of the country is a vivid sign of China’s image. During those two months, we bear the spirit of dedication in our mind. Volunteer is not only our name, but also our honor.

As the opening ceremony has drawn closer, every volunteer take preparation seriously. We’ve been following every news about the Expo, and participating in it. We all look forward to the 6th and the 7th Expo, and hope we all could have opportunity to participate in.

Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, With firm strides we are crossing its summit!


Slogans for Voluntary Service:


Li Xue: Youth is our card and service is our pursuit.

Wu Yaqian: smile of volunteer is the most beautiful image for the city.

Zheng Huifang: Serve the China-Eurasia Expo with action and smiling links the word.

Gao Menglei: I’m so proud of being a volunteer.

Liu ming: Be volunteer for a lifetime and the youth without any regrets.

Ka Er Meng·Mai He Mu Ti: Due to our contributions, love will make the world better .

A Li Mu Jiang: Love makes the world better and noble makes the world warmer.

Cui Qianqian: After giving rose to others,fragrance remains with the hands. Be a good volunteer for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo.

Mai Zi Mai Ti: Being a volunteer is a way to experience a new life style.

Ma Xin: We are always ready to learn.

Fu Yihang: Welcome guests and show our youth.

Wang Jinnan: I try to do my best to keep you satisfied.

Li Huixian: Join the volunteers.

Zhao Zicheng: Volunteers make the Expo more wonderful.

Sa Dai Ti Gu Li·Mai He Mu Ti: I will do my best to serve the society.

Jia Ma: Volunteers will draw a mew chapter for the China-Eurasia Expo.

Zhang Ningning: Volunteer should bear the spirit of dedication in mind and put it into practice.

Feng Ru: Solidarity and struggle, co-build China-Eurasia Expo.

Liang Zheyi: Serve China-Eurasia Expo which makes us.

Wu Lulu: The immense sea allows fish to leap at liberty, the vast sky lets birds fly freely. Volunteer counts me.

Shi Ningjuan: Serve others, Improve myself.

Zhoulu:Kindness and honest are the thing what you should pursuit for your lifetime.

Wang Yan: Wonderful China-Eurasia Expo, brilliant Youth.


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