The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Volunteers for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo (VI)

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This is the 6th phrase of our series report about the 5th China-Eurasia Expo and we  volunteers’ team sincerely hope to share our daily life with you. We will meet you here on time as always. Today’s topic is the comprehensive department of Xinjiang International Exposition Administration composed by general office, finance office, confidential room and copy room, which is responsible for secretarial services, finance, archives, etc. General office is responsible for manuscript writing, material report, document processing and other works; finance office is responsible for regular financial affairs, such as internal funds, financial reporting, bank reconciliation, accounts’ annual review, funds docking and currentaccounts clearing-up; confidential room is responsible of the registration, circulation, archiving of files received and sent and other archival data.

What specific works do interns do?


Li Lixiang (Intern)--from Xinjiang Normal University

Hello everyone, I'm Li Lixiang, a junior of the Department of History of Xinjiang Normal University. I have worked in the confidential room of Xinjiang International Exposition Administration for two months, in charge of arranging the files. As one of the first volunteers at work, I really have learned a lot. I hardly make the stupid mistakes, for example, carelessness, just like when I first came. What’s more, I also have learned some writing requirements of official documents and letters. The holding of the Expo needs the joint efforts of numerous people. So I hope to do my little bit for it and accomplish my volunteer work. Best wish to the successful holding of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo.


Guo Qiaoqiao (Intern)--from Xinjiang Normal University

I have worked in Xinjiang International Expo Administration for over a month since July 4 and I learned precious experience and also made new friends from it. The repeated work of arranging files in confidential room makes me more responsible. Although I have made  several mistakes at work, older brothers and sisters in the office would give me generous help, then I will demand myself to do a better job. As a unsatisfactory practitioner, I am making progress everyday. This precious internship experience has laid a solid foundation for my future work. I am so glad to be one of the volunteer team of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo. Hope you to know more about the holding process of the Expo from our experience. Sincere wishes for a successful China-Eurasia Expo.


Lv Huiyun(Intern)— from Urumqi Vocational University

The internship in Xinjiang International Expo Administration makes me much mature and clam. My major is planning and management of exhibitions and conventions and I am lucky to learn more about the planning, promotion, expansion and other parts of exposition. Perfect management is the key to a successful exposition. I worked in the comprehensive department and mainly did some paperwork. In normal times, I usually do proofreading and some writing. Through the internship, I can apply the theoretical knowledge to practice and have improved my communication skills and the knowledge I have learned. I hope I can grow together with the China-Eurasia Expo and do my little bit to it!


Cheng Huijun(Intern)—from Xinjiang University of Finance &Economics

This is my second time to practice in Xinjiang International Expo Administration in succession to the first internship in the investment-exhibition attraction department of the 4th China-Eurasia International Expo. The 5th China-Eurasia International Expo will be held and I came back here again. This time, I did some financial work related with my major. I wonder I can still do the internship here next year to enrich my life in graduate school.

I have deeply felt after the two participation to the preparatory work of China-Eurasia Expo that its successful holding is closely related with the contribution of all the staff member. I am glad I am one of them and I will continue try my best to this work. May this Expo be a complete success!


Gao Xueyan(Intern)— from Xinjiang University of Finance &Economics

My major is accounting and I came to do the internship in finance office of Xinjiang International Expo Administration in July this year. The numerous trivial work here, such as arranging certificates, documents and files, have greatly improved my personal work ability though mistakes are often made at the beginning. Later, I started to do some work about finance, which makes me to understand that every single work is not easy as I think. I learned some knowledge to deal with affairs and meet an emergency and also made friends with several lovely interns. All the staff members have contributed a lot to the 6-day Expo. I wish the Expo a great success!


Slogans for Voluntary Service:


Li Lixiang: I am happy to strive! Fighting!

Guo Qiaoqiao: You will appreciate your endeavors one day.

Lv Huiyun: Internship is the expectation of life role change.

Cheng Huijun: Every moment is ordinary yet unique.

Gao Xueyan: I believe.


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