The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
The 2017(China) Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo
24th-28th August,2017 URUMQI XINJIANG CHINA

Volunteers for the 5th China-Eurasia Expo (VII)

Updated:2016-09-13 11:49:04


 "If you don't come, we will be right here waiting for you." this is our declaration of our volunteer group in The 5th China-Eurasia Expo, so we will not have any slack and will stay to the mission in the hope of giving you a good experience. Back to the subject, I would like to introduce party committee of international exhibition bureau committee, it is mainly responsible for the implementation of the party's guidelines and policies, organizing the education on situations and party member's ideological education; Responsible for party organization setup, party construction plans and planning, the party members' education training management, organizational development, spiritual civilization construction, etc. Responsible for guiding affiliated trade unions, communist youth league, Ladies' Committee. Most importantly, it takes on certificate inspection and pavilion patrol in the China-Eurasia Expo.

In this situation, our interns are indispensable.


Urumqi Vocational University  Ouyangpeiyun

I am a sophomore that major in event management, I make progress everyday during my internship. When I first came here I almost knew nothing, I was very cautious and not good at dealing with other people. Teachers arranged me to deliver speeches in some meetings, and after some speeches, I became more confident.

Teachers guided me with patience when we need to communicate with other departments by phone calls. I learned many things and then started to take charge in more tasks. Later many tasks became easier for me than before, just like file inputting, fax sending and receiving, file registration, volunteer management. Just like an old saying “ practice makes perfect.” My boss and colleagues met different kind of problems every day, I paid attention to solutions of those,  so I got more job experience , and all those made my progress more obvious. I really appreciate this internship experience.I think this experience will guide me like lighthouse in future work and life.


xinjiang university   Yujingjing

When I was writing this article, a friend of mine mentioned:" you will appreciate you to be so hardworking one day when you look backward.” I thought this sentence was just like nonsense. But if you think through, our life is short,  should we work harder to make our life more meaningful and make our short life more valuable?

Now it has been 10 days since I started my internship. It requires a lot of patience when I organize files about spiritual civilization, Check the files, collect fees.I felt overwhelmed when I was facing computer every day and switch from file to file. When I first started this job I felt I am a three year old child, I didn't know much about the job requirements and I also didn't know much about how to dealing with other people, all those were caused by the lack of my experience.

As a college student who is going to be a senior, internship experience bring me challenges but it also bring me experience. I appreciate everything, they enrich my life and make me understand life better.


iurumqi vocational university   Anxiaoli

My name is AnXiaoLi, I am an intern from urumqi vocational university, I work in party Committee. I learned many things here about job procedure.  I'm in charge of receiving files, writing and sending meeting notices. I feel the warmth of big family. Everyone is very responsible in work and care for each other in life. What impressed me most is job responsibility. If you started a test, you should be responsible for it from the beginning to the end, job efficiency is also very important. Today is the countdown to 25 days of the 5th China-Eurasia Expo, I am really looking forward to the conference, I wish the conference a complete success!

Xinjiang Normal University  Tianqiqi

I work in the xinjiang international exhibition bureau committee as an intern, I am in charge of moral cultivation, I learned many things from my two month internship.It was an important activity which provide ideological guarantee, spiritual motivation and intellectual support for reform, opening up and socialist modernization. Now it’s an important stage for Urumchi city to show its outcome on three years’construction of national spiritual civilization city. I feel very proud as a part of the group.

In my free time I like to communicate with other students in my office, they are all very excellent students, so it was a very valuable experience.

I appreciate xinjiang international exhibition bureau committee for giving me meaningful summer.


The declaration of volunteer service:


Ouyangpeiyun: smile together, create together.

Yujingjing: Learning and gaining step by step.

Anxiaoli: I am happy when I am a volunteer.

Tianqiqi: The youth never stop for anyone, cherish it and give it meaning.


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